Monday, March 4, 2013

"What sparks the light in you" - New painting/ Novo quadro

Hi people,
i'm doing a new workshop with Christy Tomlinson ..awesome... i'm loving it!
This is a painting that i did in her class, my girl is a little different..she is older than my other dolls!  Hope you like her! I do!
The name of the workshop is "She Art 3" in case you are interested in joining in!

Olá meus amigos, este quadro é o resultado do novo workshop que estou a fazer com a Christy Tomlinson - "She Art 3" - estou a adorar! A minha menina está um pouco diferente, está um pouco mais crescida! Espero que gostem!!

Canvas 30x3ocm
Tela 30x30cm


  1. She's beautiful and your sentiment is lovely.
    Big hugs xx

  2. Thanks..thanks...thanks Sam!! Xoxo